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Thank you to the daily star for featuring ZX10 as the third most popular CBD product. See below the review from Anna

This product ZX10 is Fantastic.

I have had Amazing results.

It is Life Changing.

I started to use ZX10 to help me easy my pain and all I was offered from doctors was more pain medication or take more of what I already have.

I suffer with multiple health conditions and chronic pain. Fibromyalgia lots of inflammation, swollen feet/legs. Both types of Arthritis in my joints and bad flare ups of back/hip/ leg pain from sciatica. At times I would be in tears with all I deal with and pain easily hits a 12 out of 10.

I put ZX10 on all these areas as well as my knees as they get so swollen with inflammation. I started on my back hip thigh to try get some relief as I was in agony from the pain and could not move about very well. I was careful as it a very different cream than others I had used, as only need a little and must not rub and must wash hands straight away after use. It did start to warm up and get hot but my skin still felt normal. I did this just before bed as I thought it got plenty of time to do it job while I slept.

Then next morning I woke i felt the difference soon as I opened my eyes!! WoW but maybe when I stand up it will hurt !! But no. I could feel discomfort but no way was it like it was, so that night I did it all again but this time I put it everywhere. Tops of my feet where they are swollen, ankles and lower legs as they are holding fluid and mild lymphoedema. Around my knees and again my back/hip/thigh.

I continue this routine before bed for two weeks.

Life changing results. Swelling in lower legs and feet has gone and I can actually wear some of my shoes that’s not happening for a very long time. My back was so different pain gone from at 12 out of 10 to a 4. My knee had actually stoped clicking when I bent it and swelling was a lot less. But more importantly the pain was some much less and on a good day I was not ranking up my pain meds I actually took less. And that only after two weeks. What’s more as well I had not caused myself any more added problems with my stomach from taking extra pain medication so this was a massive plus for me as I have some really bad health conditions that get very aggravated by more tablets.

I felt so happy it just amazing.

I stoped putting ZX10 on for two weeks just to see how long I could go without getting to the point I felt I needed more pain control as I still have other health issues and I still could put my feet to the floor with out high score pain kicking in. But I did need to start using it in the other areas again and it was nice and easy just before bed . When you think of it I’m only applying it once a day but I don’t do to much in my days but if I was going out I would put a very small about on my knees & back to help keep pain level very very low if I’m having a bad day.

So I can genuinely say some areas the pain gone some the pain is a lot less and more manageable and in more troubled areas it and instinct pain control taking it from high to medium to low as you keep applying. It’s a much healthier way to control your pains.

So please believe me go and get yourself some of this ZX10 you will not be disappointed as it definitely going to be an all round all year product I can not live with out.

Thank you for this product because when you are in that much pain it makes you cry or depressed low and stay in away from family or friends you lose a part of you and the hope you can find yourself again. ZX10 has given me back to me.


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