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Zx10 Inflamalief©️ is an award winning topical balm .You can see our customer reports at trust pilot zx10 fire.


Nigella Stavia

Saffron - Its active ingredient Crocus Sativus has been used in herbal medicine during to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These properties have been proven to aid period pain, PMS, and have neurological protective effects. It's a game change for nociceptive pain.

Curcumin- Targets molecules and pathways disrupt the pain response. It blocks inflammatory cytokines, and studies show that the celebrex makes it helpful for people with osteoarthritis.

CBD- Transdermal CBD has been proven by Biotecnol in 2020 (Dixon,H) to offer significant improvement in pain, specifically in the lower extremities and complex peripheral neuropathy.

Vitamin E - A common analgesics and anti oxidation aids detox and reduce pain in the central nervous system.

Zx10 Inflamalief©️

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